LEASED - Retail Space - Toronto

LEASED – Retail Space – Toronto

Address: 207 McRae Dr, Toronto

Available area: 595 SF

Lease rate: $1,800.00 Net Lease

Located in Toronto’s upscale Leaside neighbourhood, the retail unit at 207 McCrae Drive presents a prime opportunity for businesses targeting a high-net-worth demographic. This compact, efficiently designed space is perfect for various retail concepts or boutique services. Its small size, complete with a convenient washroom, offers versatility and ease of operation. Leaside is known for its affluent community and strong support for local businesses, making it a highly desirable location for both new ventures and established brands. The area’s mix of residential and commercial settings fosters a vibrant business environment, ensuring steady customer flow and visibility for your business.The unit’s inviting storefront and natural light enhance the shopping experience, while its strategic location guarantees high foot traffic and visibility. This space is an excellent fit for businesses looking to integrate into a community that values quality and service, offering the potential to build lasting customer relationships in one of Toronto’s most sought- after neighborhoods.In short, 207 McCrae Drive is more than just a retail space; it’s a launchpad for businesses aiming to thrive in a supportive and prosperous community. The space is currently a Pilates studio that after 5 years has now out grown the space and is moving into a biger location.